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online bitcoin casinosMore online casinos are accepting Bitcoin currency as a method of deposit and withdrawal. Not only are these Bitcoin casinos using this currency for slots and table games, but now also allowing Bitcoins to be used for live dealer play, which includes blackjack, baccarat, roulette and other live dealer games.
The Bitcoin currency has become a valuable currency to the casino player because it is easily purchased and easily transferred to the casino. Bitcoin does not leave a paper trail, deposits and withdrawals take a matter of minutes.
Here are some of the advantages of using Bitcoins:


Lower Gaming Costs

Casinos that use Bitcoins as a currency have less fees, which is good for the casinos bottom line, but you as the player gain because the fees on your end are minimal, just a few pennies on the dollar.
Also, Bitcoins are not regulated by any government, payment service or institution, this makes for low deposit and withdrawal fees. Bitcoins are not taxable in any Country or province.

Enhanced Convenience

A player can access Bitcoins in any part of the world, at the going rate of the market. Remember Bitcoins are a traded commodity on the world’s financial markets.
Therefore, the exchange rate will vary as the market moves up and down. Like I said above “Bitcoins do not leave a paper trail and are not taxed”.
When the Bitcoin deposit is credited to your account, it will be exchanged to the currency that you are playing in.

Personal Security

Unlike land-based casinos where in some cases you need to give your personal information to cash out. A casino that accepts Bitcoin as a currency, will not ask for personal information.

Bonuses for using Bitcoins

Most online casinos will give a bonus when you deposit with Bitcoins. They give the player this bonus because the casino doesn’t have to a percentage of the deposit to the credit card company.

Game Variety

When the player deposits using the Bitcoin option, your deposit is converted to the currency the player is playing in. This conversion is not used in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency casinos, you play in Bitcoins (BTC) or the cryptocurrency you deposited in. When the player deposits and the conversion take’s place any and all games can be played that the casino has available, even live dealer games.

In conclusion, Bitcoin casinos are now becoming very popular and the use of Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency has many benefits. Remember that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency has no paper trail. These currencies offer safe and secure transactions at many business (i.e.: Amazon accepts Bitcoin).

Listed below are some great Bitcoin casinos:


sloto bitcoin

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