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One of the greatest epic adventures ever written, and subsequently turned into a movie, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, written by Oxford University professor J.R.R. Tolkien, and now being turned into a slot machine. Published more than fifty years ago, today this story is just as popular as when it was first published. From these emotional and gripping stories, there has been three powerful movies made that filmmaker and director Peter Jackson crafted over the last several years. This movie trilogy grossed over three billion dollars in box office receipts all over the world and was also nominated for thirty Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, were actually won by the movie franchise.
The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a moving story of four brave hobbits’ struggling against the greatest forces of evil imaginable. The hobbit’s quest is to destroy the all powerful

The Fellowship of the Ring Slot

One Ring before it could be recovered by the Dark Lord Sauron and let him to cover the world in a blanket of darkness, misery, and slavery. In The Fellowship of the Ring, the first volume, it was discovered that the ring that the traveler Bilbo Baggins had found on his adventures sixty years earlier, was none other than the Dark Lord’s lost Ring of Power. This first book and movie goes through his heir and nephew Frodo’s epic journey and struggle to take the ring to the safety and protection of the elves in their far away fortress valley of Rivendell. Once the four friends reached Rivendell safely guarding the ring, Elrond, the Lord of the Elves, told them that the ring had to be taken to the Cracks of Mount Doom in order to be destroyed so that evil could be banished forever. The rest of the first book and movie covers this heroic journey towards the Dark Lord’s country of Morder and the various adventures and trials that happened to Frodo and his eight companions along the way.
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The Game

It’s finally here the game that’s been talked about all summer has landed at most Microgaming casinos. Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Rings slot machine has been the most anticipated online new slot machine game of all time.
Right from the start an introduction movie plays, you have entered the world of fantasy and story with real video clips from the movie and some incredibly uplifting and rousing musical scores. Once the reels load, you are introduced to the Cinematic Spins feature which is just a short introduction about how this new feature works. You won’t believe your eyes because when the reels spin, the background becomes a moving cinematic video clip
The game itself is a 5 reel all pays slot machine,which
means there are 243 ways to win. The animations on the symbols are really amazing. For the most part the characters are video clips, and they vary depending on numbers hit. The free spin feature which is triggered with 3 or more RING symbols, will get you 15 free spins where on each free spin, a random reel is turned wild. The free spins can be retriggered. Wilds in this game are also stacked, and there is an expanding wild on reel 3. These combinations of wilds can really make some big wins within minutes of playing this game.
Lord of the Rings

Reels, Wilds and Scatters Symbols on the Slot:

The Lord of the Ring Slot includes five reels and two hundred and forty-three combinations of symbols that are actually populated by the graphics, character depictions, and logos that were all made internationally renowned by the book and film of the identical title. Symbols in the pay lines showcase still frame pictures of the major characters. Among these are the main characters:

  • Hobbit Frodo Baggins,
  • his friends from the shire,
  • the mortal man Aragorn,
  • ighting dwarf Gimli, and<
  • elven warrior Legolas, as well as
  • Queen of the Elves Lady Galadriel,
  • and the elven Princess Arwen.

On every spin, HD clips of the movie are shown while the player is waiting to see the results of the spin. The wining sequences and expanding wilds similarly utilize film clips rather than the typically used animated graphics of prior video slot machine games.
The reel features turn out to be extremely interesting. In particular the of Eye of Sauron symbol that lands on any of the reels expands to encompass the whole reel. The Lord of the Rings symbol is the Wild that will substitute for any symbols in the game except for the scatter, increasing the player’s odds of achieving a greater number of winning combinations.
The Wild symbol itself is stacked on the reels. If three or more pictures of The Ring scatter on any of the reels, then the Free Spins feature is triggered. Three, four, or five rings’ symbols wins the player a generous fifteen free spins. For every Free Spin, one random wheel turns Wild. The Wild reel substitutes for all of the symbols besides the scatter Ring. Free spins can be retriggered.
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Slot Machine Payout:

The video slot machine game itself proves to be a high payout slot machine. The maximum coin size turns out to be twenty coins. The payout ratio comes in high at between ninety-six and ninety-seven percent. This is a slot game with medium volatility. With a total hit frequency running from thirty-six to thirty-seven percent, the jackpot for maximum coins is an impressive one point 9 million casino credits.
Players who love this The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring video slot machine game will have plenty more to anticipate in the coming years. Microgaming has already announced that it will similarly design and release the other two book and film titles in slot machine form in the near future. Slot machine gamers will be able to watch for the coming The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, as well as for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
Lord of the Rings

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